Division 3

Division 3
Flight Operation Matters

Division 3 controls and monitors flight operation matters and other related topics.

Its staff responsible for and contributes to regulations and manuals governing flight operations. In addition, it is tasked with the regulation and standardization of all military flight operations in Germany. This includes the definition of standardization principles and the conduct of standardization visits.

Furthermore, Division 3 performs control and planning tasks related to the topic of human factors in the field of Bundeswehr flight operations. In addition, it carries the responsibility for the basic regulations for the Air Mission Control Service that has emerged from the pooling of the Military Air Traffic Control Service, the Tactical Air Command and Control Service and the Flight Dispatch Service.

Division 3 also monitors military flight operations by means of a central database. By evaluating the data compiled in the database, the staff is capable of providing tailored support to other agencies.

Upon request, Division 3 provides advice to industry and municipalities and prepares opinions on construction projects near military facilities, such as wind turbines. In doing so, the Division aims at showing possible approaches to a solution in conflicts of interest.

The diverse tasks of Division 3 also include the definition of principles for ensuring geoinformation support during and for flight operations, the performance and implementation of statutory protective tasks, fire protection in Bundeswehr flight operations, transport of hazardous goods in military flight operations, aviation security and military search and rescue (milSAR).

German Military Aviation Authority
Division 3

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