Division 2

Under the provisions of the German Civil Aviation Act, aircraft need to be certified before they can be admitted in German airspace. This applies to military aircraft in a similar way, even if the Bundeswehr may deviate from the Civil Aviation Act and issue military regulations for this purpose. Each new or modified type of aircraft or aeronautical system is subject to a general certification, the so-called “type certification”. During this process, the airworthiness of the underlying design or construction is established.

The type certificate subsequently serves as the basis for the airworthiness certification of each individual specimen of this type after the airworthiness of this aircraft, aeronautical system and, if applicable, supplementary equipment has been demonstrated, i.e. if the aircraft complies with the applicable design regulations and operating instructions. This principle basically applies to any kind of aeronautical system that is subject to airworthiness verification.

Also, whenever equipment is newly introduced or modified, the staff of Division 2 are to verify that the operation of this new or modified equipment does not impair airworthiness. For this purpose, they determine the scope and criteria of the inspections to be performed so that an appropriate certification can be issued.

Division 2 of the German Military Aviation Authority combines all tasks of. type inspection and certification as well as airworthiness certification. Moreover, this Division regulates and oversees the technical operation of Bundeswehr aircraft. This includes the particular requirements on aeronautical personnel, the central office for technical issues reporting and the special task of non-destructive material testing. Division 2 pools all competences and responsibilities in the area of military certification and executive regulation to maintain the airworthiness for Bundeswehr aircraft.

German Military Aviation Authority
Division 2

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