Division 1

Division 1
Strategy, Policy Matters, Rulemaking and Common Tasks

Division 1 of the German Military Aviation Authority (GMAA) is responsible for interdisciplinary matters. This includes synchronizing, coordinating and monitoring the cooperation between the GMAA and the Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg), the services and agencies of the Bundeswehr and other offices competent military aviation.

Division 1 also develops, harmonizes and representsstrategic positions in national and international bodies and organizations, in particular on NATO or European Union level. The focus of these activities is on policy matters, analysis and evaluation of new fields of action and target-oriented evolution of existing concepts.

Furthermore, Division 1 establishes basic aviation-related regulations concerning manned and unmanned military flight operations in Germany, including the Air Mission Control Service (Military Air Traffic Control Service and Tactical Air Command and Control Service).

They also lay down rules  as a framework for airworthiness verification and certification,  e.g. regulations for the certification of aircraft or aeronautical systems.

Moreover, the core of Bundeswehr air law expertise is concentrated in Div. 1. All legal matters associated with Military Aviation are examined, evaluated and decided by this division. It is also responsible for planning and approval procedures of military airfield Infrastructure.

German Military Aviation Authority
Division 1

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