Directorate for Bundeswehr Aviation Safety

Directorate for
Bundeswehr Aviation Safety

The specialist task of “military aviation safety” is performed by the Directorate for Bundeswehr Aviation Safety (GenFlSichhBw) of the German Military Aviation Authority (GMAA).

The task spectrum of this directorate includes, among other things, the conduct of flight safety inspections and information visits at all Bundeswehr units with military flight operations and at organizations training personnel for flight operations. The examination and inspection results obtained are evaluated and subsequently used for preparing recommendations and regulatory requirements for improving the flight safety situation. GenFlSichhBw is also responsible for reviewing and monitoring all regulations and provisions issued with regard to flight safety and for issuing and amending special directives and regulations for safe flight operations. Its expertise in matters related to flight safety is made available to all Bundeswehr agencies in an advisory capacity. One of the core tasks of this directorate is the investigation of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft in the Federal Republic of Germany and Bundeswehr aircraft abroad. It is also tasked with supporting investigations of the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation into civil-military incidents including the preparation of expert reports. When performing tasks in the area of incident and accident investigation, GenFlSichhBw acts independently and is not bound by directives.

To perform these tasks, GenFlSichhBw maintains a flight safety database for the analytic evaluation and statistical processing of accidents and incidents involving Bundeswehr aircraft and operates a flight recorder and flight data analysis system and a flight incident reporting system. Other major tasks include planning, controlling, conducting, monitoring and advancing flight safety training in the Bundeswehr and participating in national and international flight safety committees.

In addition to these tasks, GenFlSichhBw conducts projects like national and international flight safety seminars for commanding personnel, flight safety expert meetings and international flight safety forums.

German Military Aviation Authority
Directorate for Bundeswehr Aviation Safety

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